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Circus Workshop – Circus Skills for everyone

Circus Jim can offers a quality circus workshop from a one hour taster to a performance or parade project of one week or longer.

The teaching of the skills is targeted to the age and ability of the group.

A full day workshop with one group could culminate with a demonstration of skills by the group.

Circus skills in the workshop include: Scarf and ball juggling, balancing peacock feathers and spinning plates, diabolo, devil stick, unicycle and pedal go. Tightwire, human pyramids and stiltwalking can be included in a longer workshop.

When time allows, Circus Jim uses a variety of games for fun, as a warm up or to help with skill acquisition. The workshops are structured so that we start with skills that everyone can succeed at. We then progress to skills that need practice. Some time is left at the end of the workshop for personal practice.

Whether for fun, educational benefit or both, a workshop can be provided for;

Education -Nursery, Primary, Secondary Schools, Special Schools, Colleges, Secure Units.

Youth groups – Youth Clubs, Scouts, Guides, Cubs and Brownies (leading to Circus Badge).

Events – Fetes, Carnivals, Birthdays and other private functions

children with spinning plates        fete workshop 2       girl_with_plate

An open circus workshop for everyone, young and old take part

A circus workshop for young and old, Circus Jim adds fun and colour to the event

A family circus workshop at the British Caravanners Club annual event

A family circus workshop at the British Caravanners Club annual event








Corporate Events and Teambuilding


A Circus Workshop can also be a great opportunity to develop team skills. It can be an ice breaker or  something completely different after your business conference. Everyone can work together with human pyramids, low tightwire can be a challenging activity.

PYRAMID_small                        knee_pyramid

Performing Arts
A workshop can develop skills for Professional and Amateur performance – e.g. Barnum

Circus Jim will tailor a workshop for your needs.

We can run workshops in unusual settings. The picture shows a pyramid on canadian canoes, Jim also put the tightwire rig across a narrow lock! Safety boats were in attendance!

A six person pyramid on a raft of 3 canadian canoes

Pyramid on water

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