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The Circus Show, Stunning Skill, Magic, Clowning and Fun

Circus Jim‘s show  -watch Circus Jim discover the contents of the Big red trunk….

Jim mistakes a diabolo for a bow tie

is it a Bow tie?

The circus show is a mix of stunning circus skills, magic, illusions and clowning, suitable for all ages, Jim can change the show to suit the audience, maybe starting gently for a nursery audience. The show can be  loud, brash and dangerous for teenagers. The circus show features juggling with a variety of objects. Who will get wet through when Jim balances a bucket of water – traditional clown business. Will the juggling Cannon Balls explode? Juggling knives on a rola bola thrills the audience.

Jimmy the One Wheel Wonder

Jimmy the One Wheel Wonder


Jimmy the one Wheel wonder rides a variety of unicycles. Jim includes a few members of the audience in the show.

a young volunteer rides on Jims shoulders on the unicycle

who is steering







The 1.5m high 3metre long tightwire can be included as an extra for a special event.

on wire

For an Outdoor evening event Fire juggling and twirling can stun the audience.


The show can be combined with a workshop for a circus party


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